Review – Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan – You’re Awesome!

Guilded Balloon Teviot

Jul 31 – Aug 11 Aug 13 – Aug 25 19:45

The driving thrust of Mark Dolan’s Fringe act is his own belief that “you’re awesome!” It’s always nice to hear such things from celebrities. Dolan’s sheer enthusiasm for awesomeness created a through-line for the whole show, and he wanted us to join him in celebrating awesomosity in all its various shapes and forms. Dolan is certainly a cheerful character, and his excitement about just about everything means that the show moved at a fairly brisk pace. Even when reading out a list of awesome things (are yousick of that word yet?) he still found time to go off on a tangent and chat to the audience.

Dolan tended to rely on his chirpy energy to see him through – a lot of his material leaned towards the safe, cosy side, with jokes about the proliferation of Tesco branches, or how skinny Victoria Beckham still is. He wasn’t afraid to go dark at points, but the
majority of the gags felt rather tame. The best laughs came from his playful interactions with the audience, although, unfortunately, this had an unexpected outcome on his first preview outing. After a vote, two audience members were nominated to join Dolan on stage to talk about themselves, but one poor lad fainted under the hot theatre lights.

The show was brought to an abrupt end, which was definitely not awesome. In fairness, fainting people are unlikely to be a feature of every performance, and it was highly unlucky for everyone concerned. You may still find plenty to enjoy in this breezy, if slightly lightweight show.


Stuart Addison

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