Review – Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Matt Green

Matt Green – Alive
Pleasance Dome
31st July -18 August

Matt Green is smooth. Nothing seemed to faze him during the course of his Fringe hour. There was a good sized crowd in the typically hot room in the Pleasance Dome, but for some reason everyone sat up at the back, leaving the first two rows unoccupied. Green seemed more amused about this than anything, and took great delight in telling us what an unusual audience we were. This opinion was confirmed after some light banter. Still, Green was cool and collected. His face turned bright red and he sweated a lot, but not out of embarrassment. It turns out he has a good reason for getting a beamer.

This is a show about all the things that could’ve killed Matt Green, but didn’t. Green has had a few near death experiences, and also a few not quite as dangerous medical quirks, like weird multi-jointed fingers and dodgy nerve endings that make his face go red extremely easily. The theme of death, and also not being dead yet, makes a pretty good through-line for a Fringe show, but Green’s delivery is refreshingly free of gimmickry. This is an hour of funny stories, presented as solid, straightforward stand-up. That’s not a put-down; he’s really rather good at it. Although mortality is the prevailing topic, this is not a dark show at all. Green is so affable that it never feels that way. His performance is unrushed and even somewhat unenergetic, which may annoy some, but overall this is a witty and intelligent show.


Stuart Addison

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