Richard Soames – Let’s Make A Movie


Richard Soames, auteur film director, is generously giving his time this August to give us a masterclass on modern cinema. It’s a practical workshop on special effects, foley work and dramatic acting for the screen, using clips from Soame’s own films as examples of what the finished product should look like. By the end of the lesson, Soames and the audience will have made a movie with a beginning, a middle, and a satisfying Hollywood resolution, guaranteed.

That’s the conceit, anyway. Hopefully it’s not too revealing to say Soame’s ‘films’ are really just him and his younger brother messing about with a camcorder when they were teenagers. Soames may well know his stuff (there are plenty of knowing references for film-lovers to catch) but the clips are charmingly naff, clearly a lot of fun of fun to make and just about funny enough to build an Edinburgh hour around. Audience members are picked on to help make a new film, but Soames keeps the jokes squarely aimed at himself. There are occasional technical hitches but the audience is in on it by now, and the gaffes work within the homemade nature of the show. Let’s Make a Movie is deliberately amateurish, but it’s good fun and it all wraps up with a classic crowd-pleasing finale, not quite Hollywood but close enough.

★★★ (and a half)

Stuart Addison

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