Sam & Tom – Unrectifiable

Two thirds of Stapleface, Tom Burgess and Sam Nicoresti have brought their debut show as a double act to Edinburgh for the Festival Fringe 2017 with Sam and Tom: Unrectifiable. They are a high energy and fast paced duo that will have you laughing through much of the hour, with a science fiction horror, comedy story that feels like a strange mashup of Quantum Leap and Doctor Who. There are a few audience member interactions that aren’t really audience interactions and a few more that are, some of these work really well whereas there are others that feel a bit forced and cringey.

From a technical standpoint this is an excellent show, their comic timing, physical comedic abilities and the often brilliant synchronised performing hold the show together well but sometimes it feels like a few of the jokes drag on a little bit too long and the use of cringe humour could have been toned down slightly. Plenty to be excited about the duo and I feel that with a bit of refinement this show could have been fantastic, unfortunately however, they’re just a little off the mark.

★★★ and a half

Euan Tennant

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