Seymour Mace Gets Sucked Off By God


Seymour Mace Gets Sucked Off By God is, if nothing else, a great name for an Edinburgh Fringe show. Happily the rest of the show is just as good. Shock tactics is the name of the game; Mace arrived on stage dressed like a mad scientist, soundtracked by apocalyptic music so loud it’s hard to hear if the audience are laughing or just staring in horror. After that impressive entrance Mace treated us to an assembly of daft ideas and set-pieces, including puppetry, lip-syncing, props and finally finding a good use for Radio Four.    

It’s a show that continually shifts gears, so while some bits might feel weaker than what’s come before, there is always something new and unexpected around the corner. There’s a somber edge to everything as Mace discusses depression and loneliness, lending some real drama to the proceedings. The aforementioned puppet section in particular takes a very dark turn, in the most hilarious way possible. After the impressive and loud entrance, there were no problems hearing the audience howl with laughter. Definitely a recommendation.


Stuart Addison

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