Short & Curly: A Curly Night In

Short and Curly: A Curly Night In

Short and Curly are a sketch duo, a fortuitously named duo at that, seeing as that one is a curly-haired gent called Curly, and the other a short lady named Short. So it’s a mystery in the opening few minutes when it appears that it’s only Curly present. After several minutes at half staffing, Short appears quite unexpectedly. It’s a masterfully performed little trick, and crucially extremely silly.

In fact, all of A Curly Night In is extremely silly. The whole thing is performed in pyjamas, there’s a monkey suit, and a musical rendition of 28 Days Later. Fans of the daft, and of visual humour are in for a great time.

The conceit is that Curly, an aspiring actor looking to ditch his comedic partner for more serious roles, is taking part in a Kevin Spacey acting masterclass. To this end he’s performing a series of self-penned scripts to impress Spacey. To name a few genres Curly covers; there’s a Western, a Noir, and yes a musical rendition of 28 Days Later. It bears repeating how really quite silly it is, and when Kevin Spacey ‘himself’ appears it’s ahh, well it’s worth seeing, even if it’s something you might not ever be able to unsee.

A Curly Night In is delightful, but there are a few problems with fumbling for props, a breakage or two, and a couple of misspoken lines. To their credit, the venue is tiny, which is the main issue with the props, and even things go wrong the pair admirably turn it into just another daft joke. The crowd participation is enormous – once again very silly – fun. It’s here that the size of the venue justifies itself, making for a very cosy show.

The huge variety of mediums the sketches incorporate is impressive, with music, dance and song sitting comfortably alongside impressions and visual gags. Short and Curly give off the impression of a duo who very genuinely want to make people laugh, and there’s nothing aggrandising about the show. It feels very much for its audience, and as before, that audience is ideally a very silly one. If that applies to you, it’s unlikely you’ll regret your night in with Curly and Short.


Keiran Burnett

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