Stuart Laws: Who Said Anything About Stopping It? (1hr Show)

As everyone knows, a good sense of timing is crucial in comedy. This review is something of a let down, then, as it comes after Stuart Laws’ short stint at the 2015 Fringe is already over. If you were lucky enough to see him, you’ll know his sense of timing is much better than ours.

Laws, still rocking a sweet gilet, bombards the audience with weird ideas and gags that are both sophisticated and really, really dumb. The jokes cover subjects like ornithology, bowling, Ted Danson’s ghost and looking relaxed on trains. The jokes weave in and out of each other at random, but they all culminate at the perfect time. There’s a cleverly constructed show hiding beneath the daftness.

We were fans of Laws’ previous Fringe outing, but this show manages to be an improvement in every way. The jokes are as surreal and silly as before, but it’s a much more confident performance. He still likes to stretch jokes as far as he can, to the point where the audience might lose patience with the gag, but he always manages to make it funny again.

Laws’ stand-up is going from strength to strength. It’s a funny, assured show. Go see him if you can.


Stuart Addison


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