Superhero Secret Origins: Special Edition

Andrew Roper has over 20 years of experience in comedy and he’s back at the Fringe again this year with his latest show Superhero Secret Origins: Special Edition.

It is essentially an hour long lecture on the origins of all your favourite superheroes but do not let the word lecture dissuade you, this is where his 20 years experience in comedy really shines and it’s really just the best word I could think of to describe his show. It is very funny and very well delivered with an obvious enthusiasm for the subject matter that keeps the audience interested and laughing throughout. He begins with some examples of early superhero theme songs from 60’s and earlier and asks the audience to identify them with some limited success, but it is obvious that Roper knows who is audience are and what they will identify with. He moves on to tell us about, not just the origin of your favourite superheroes but the first ever superheroes. He then takes us on a rapid journey through the politics of the comics industry, the “borrowing” of characters, the misattribution of who created who and the creation of Marvel and DC. Speeding his way through the silver age, the rivalries and the comic code at a speed at which The Flash would be proud.

I got the impression that Roper was constrained by his 55 minute runtime and would have happily kept on talking about this subject till the cows came home, if i’m honest I would happily have listened. His enthusiasm for the subject matter is infectious and his level of knowledge is staggering, if you even have a passing interest in comics and superheroes or the latest comic book movies then you should definitely check him out, his show is free so you have nothing to lose.


Euan Tennant

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