The Kagools

There was an early dread seeping into me that I might have mistakenly entered into what is just a kids show. The Kagools, Nicola Wilkinson and Claire Ford are dressed exactly as the way they are described. The following hour is a blend of silent clowning and very well executed multimedia interaction, as the pair disappear and re-appear behind a projector screen that projects them in a white abyss with general screwballing that is excellently executed piece of timing every time.

As a silent comedy, there is a lot of reliance upon facial contortion, reaction to soundtracks and audience participation, the first show I’ve ever sat through with one shoe. Each and quite often the skits cajole cackling from the audience. The two fight and compete through out and by the end in a fairly hilarious video interaction; where one comes to save the other.

My initial scepticism gave way after ten minutes and one will find themselves laughing like the rest of the audience of all ages. This Kagools are not here just to amuse children, they’re here to find the silly child still within us. Perfect innocent fun for all ages.


Chris Aitken

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