Tim Renkow Tries To Punch Down

Tim Renkow has been performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe since 2014, he returns again in 2018 with his new show Tim Renkow Tries to Punch Down.

The premise of this show is that in comedy generally the only “rule” is that you don’t ‘punch down’, meaning you don’t make fun of any group of people less well off than yourself, Tims problem is that as a “crippled, redneck, Mexican Jew” his words not mine, it is hard to find a group he’s not allowed to make fun of, which he finds insulting.

There often seems to be a lot of trepidation form Tim Renkows audience, they seem very unsure about what he’s going to say next, but he manages to masterfully skirt around causing genuine offence and pull it back at the last second to flip audience expectation on its head. This show is no different he gleefully covers topics ranging from the crucification of Russell Howard to rednecks joining ISIS by way of London hating joy and masturbation on the bus.

This is a very solid hour of standup that unfortunately doesn’t seem to flow as well as previous shows, it feels almost stilted at times and and doesn’t build in the same way he has previously managed. There are also a few recycled jokes from previous years, which is to be expected from long running standup comedians but if you’ve seen him before will be a bit disappointing.

I’d still happily recommend you go see this show especially if you’ve never seen him before and it is pay what you want at the end so the risk to you is very small.


Euan Tennant

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