Tony Roberts: Card Magic

Tony Roberts is an award winning magician and stand up comedian who gave up a six figure sales job to become a street performer and has zero regrets and it’s great for us because he’s really good at it. He’s back again at the fringe with his show Tony Roberts: Card Magic and you get exactly what you’d expect from the title, an hour of card magic.

He begins the show with a bit of his history of magic and about how he got started in magic, he then invites a card playing audience member to join him on the stage and someone who never plays cards. They remain on stage for the entirety of the show and will act as the audiences eyes on stage to try and catch him out. He then proceeds to tell stories using cards expertly using his sleight of hand to make the shuffled cards appear where and when he wants. It’s an hour of sedate and laid back card magic, stories and jokes, whether the show was so laid back because of intent or because of how tired and choked with the cold Roberts was, either way it works well.

The Fringe is a month of crazy madness that will have you rushing around from show to show and barely knowing what day it is, take an hour out of your time to chill out and enjoy an excellent show by man who knows his craft, excels at it and does so with an obvious passion and enthusiasm that’s infectious.

★★★★ and a half.

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