Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar

Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar is the latest comic creation from EastEnd Cabaret, the Australian comic duo of Jennifer Byrne and Victoria Falconer-Pritchard. They made their Edinburgh debut in 2011 with The Revolution will be Sexual and they are back again this year with Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar.

As you enter the venue you are greeted by 2 of the shows characters who are working their way through the seated crowd giving out handfuls of popcorn this gives the audience a good preview of what they are about to witness, including that nowhere within the audience is safe from this pair.

The pair then race back stage and after a very quick costume change they reappear with Yeti taking to the stage to introduce the rest of the cast of characters we are about to see and be entertained by. The basic storyline that follows is that of a special night at Yeti’s bar with performances from a colourful cast of characters including The Psychedelic Nuns, Johnny the Head in a Box, some twins joined at the monobrow and even a friendly angler fish. There is some audience interaction to the point of the duo climbing over the seats and into the audience to interact with the audience close up.

I don’t think the comparisons that have been made, comparing the duo to The Mighty Boosh and The Flight of the Concords are unfair but they don’t quite cover it. They certainly do have elements of both these shows but there is much more going on than just that. They make use of very quick costume changes and wild changes in character interspersed with catchy songs all mixed in with sexual innuendo and sexuality of many of the characters to create something unique. It’s an hour that’s completely bizarre, utterly surreal and very funny.


Euan Tennant

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