Short Com Sitcom Writing Competition: The Long-list 2020

We are very pleased to announce the long-list for the first ever Short Com Sitcom Writing Competition sponsored by Final Draft. The reading team were pleasantly surprised by the number of quality entries. The competition was a lot tougher than initially anticipated. The following writers and their scripts below will be narrowed down to a final shortlist of 5 to be sent to the final judging panel.

Kelvin Wong – Problematic Viewing

Richard Lazarus – Plan B

Sian Goff and Georgia Maguire – Off Grid

James Murphy – Chatter Box

Oliver Prescott – Puzzle

Jody Wiltshire – Another Mother

Stephen Roughsedge – Stay At Home Dad

Ian Smith – Mayor

Isaac Fisher – The Other Side of The Coin

Alistair Inglis – Homesick

Indigo Hinton – Rainbow’s End

Carol Younghusband – Echo Village

Emma Ramsay – Sorry

Will Miles – Civil Behaviour/Widowing

Barry Wood – Almost A Superhero

Ian Sweeney – Saviour/Troubadours

Matthew Smith – Vultures

Colin Dowland – Healing

Joe Barnes – Joy

Joel Frosh and Joel Brooks – Gains

Natalie Malla and Sara Butler – 0800 Babe

Lydia Clarke and Liam Conroy – Hooligans 

Alexander MJ Smith – Caffeine

Lucie Brownlee – Bend and Flick

Damien St. John – Adventures of a Single Dad

Tony Brinton – Bet or Die Trying

James Everett – The Wolf of Wall Street

Brogan Thomas – Town of Eden

Mike Arber and David Kidder – Mars Hotel

Carwyn Blayney – Carmathen’s Strongest Man

Charlotte Ash – Very Much Single

Graham Barrett – Shot To Nothing

Ed Sayeed – Staying Alive

Steven Bowbrick and Mink Kapferer – Walking Back To Happiness

Jack Stanley  – All Your Songs Are About Me

Barbara Vonau – Clap

Donna Gray – Foiled

Joanna Tilley  – Old

Alberto Lopez – Working From Home

Christopher Anastasi and Charlie Dinkin – Annie Waits

The final five shortlisted writers will be announced on the 7th of August

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