The Young Offenders – BFI LFF – Review

Based around the record cocaine seizure in Ireland in 2007, when bales of cocaine landed ashore, presenting a get a rich quick for anyone daring or stupid enough to risk going against the law, cue regular dimwits Conor MacSweeney and Jock Murphy, too stupid for school with a penchant for stealing bikes and looking like regular gangsters on the streets of Cork. Jock proposes the idea to steal some bikes and head to their treasure spot. Nothing is simple for these two, as local Garda Sergeant Healy who has it in for bike thieves, tracks the pair to their destination. But their main problems are only awaiting for them when they get home, and their friendship is tested in the face of dreams being diminished.

After the mis-fire of A Date For Mad Mary, I thought and hoped this other comedy offering from Ireland would be a turn for the better, but this offering from writer and director Peter Foott has managed to make a film that at best is a student’s final project, creating something that almost makes Kevin and Perry look like a classical masterpiece. Effectively a kids’ film with bad language and teenage misdemeanours with irritating characters and zero originality, it’s mystifying how it ever got funding and expecting audiences to find this funny just feels insulting.

Chris Aitken

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