Das Handwerk – Way of the Master (2016)

Das Handwerk – Way of the Master (2016)
Agency: Heimat Berlin
Directed by Daniel Warwick
Running Time: 02:18

In order to master his craft, a student must first master his blade.

This is a brilliant twist on the traditional martial arts movies of the 70’s where the superior master must teach his inept student the way of the sword, or in this case, the scissors. The concept is a great one. The audio from some old kung fu film, so Chinese dialogue, dramatic soundtrack, cheesy action sound effects and all, where the stereotypical stock character of the elderly master scoffs at the efforts of his protégé before instigating the usual rigorous training montage, culminating in the student displaying his hard earned skills, has been reset in the modern world of contemporary hair design. The parody plays out well with the director incorporating many recognizable tropes and clichés yet places them in a stylized and fresh setting making this a humorous yet respectful homage indeed.

Lee Hamilton


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