Decision Maker

Decision Maker (2017)

Created by the Bridgeport Film Club

Directed by Lance Eliot Adams

Starring Dennis Episcopo

Running Time: 04:38

A man makes a new resolution on life!

Review: This is a low budget, no frills, character piece examining the pain that comes from burden of indecision. It’s a simple two-location shoot that uses an external talking to camera shot of the protagonist intercut with internal shots of him chopping and changing his mind while shopping in a supermarket. The short is a very dialogue centric and much like the fella can’t decide which loaf of bread to buy, the humor comes from his similar changeable views on whether his lack of decision-making skills is hindering or helping him. The piece is well performed by peely-wally Episcopo, who encapsulates the characters lambasting self-abasing frame of mind as well as nicely animating him during moments of hope. Is it any good? You’ll have to decide for yourself.

As reviewed by Lee Hamilton

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