Gluten Danger

Gluten Danger (2013)

Written and Directed by Nathan Honnold

Starring Lynn Talley and Ryan Walden

Running Time: 02:1

Watch a family literally fall apart, from gluten intolerance.

Not for those with a high gag reflex reaction, reminiscent of classic 80’s gore movies that were really metaphors for social fears and concerns of the time, this short takes a tongue and cheek look at a more modern nuisance, gluten intolerance. We’re thrust straight into parody straight off the bat with the amusingly dated title font and heavy synth intro music. Even though the cheap make-up and special effects could have used more attention, the fluorescent colour scheme, vintage camera angles, not to mention luminous vomit, all make for a great homage to past faves. While it feels like the story ends too soon and without a satisfying conclusion, there will be a fair amount of likeability for genre fans to enjoy.

Lee Hamilton


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