Roudasta Rospuuttoon

Roudasta Rospuuttoon (1997)
Created by Studio Julmahuvi
Starring Petteri Summanen
Running Time: 04:15

A self-berating drunk is so disgusted with himself, he can’t bring himself to go home.

Scandinavia’s been on everybody’s mind recently, with the entire world going tits up, we’re all looking to the Nordic countries for salvation as they seem to be the only people who’ve actually got their shit together at the moment. Or perhaps not, as this aged Finnish short suggests. Without knowing very much about this film, (and with the ever helpful Google Translator converting the title into the even less enlightening “Soil Frost Rosputtoon), it’s hard to put it into proper context but as the plot centres on the universal struggle of getting home after a skinfull and making an utter arse of one’s self, most people will be able to relate regardless. We all love laughing at drunks and drinking while watching this fella is advised as it should at least help add to the experience. Stick with it if not for the dated credits at the end, particularly the cracking photo of the band responsible for the soundtrack.

As reviewed by Lee Hamilton


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