Millennial Horror Story

Millennial Horror Story (2014)

Written by Paul Gale

Directed by T.J. Misny

Starring Paul Gale, Sunita Mani, Lauren Ireland, Elyse Brandau, James Dwyer

Running Time: 3:03

“A group of teenagers visiting a haunted old mansion soon discover that “The only fate worse than death is no cell service.”

This still relevant critique on our incessant need to connect and share our every waking thought with as many complete and utter strangers as we can find makes for entertaining viewing. The theatrical melodramatic acting parodies the Hammer Horror’s of the past and several good one-liners are delivered from the teens whose most abject fear is no longer the undead, it’s having no Internet connection. While enjoying the performances, you may miss the fact that this is a well crafted, continually shot scene. The excellent camera direction makes the most of the small contained setting, constantly keeping our eyes busy and pulling focus, without the need for editing. A modern day horror indeed.

Lee Hamilton


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