Pitta Patter

Pitta Patter

Written by Dan Castella & Chloe Davies

Directed by Dan Castella

Starring Adeel Akhtar and Olivia Poulet

Running Time: 03:00

“Husband and wife duo Waleed and Karen run the family kebab shop. Waleed is more than likely infertile and the pressure to beget an heir is infiltrating their marriage and their business. And what is a family business without a family? Just a business.”


Review: Couples having domestics in public are both hilarious and terrifying, leaving you with an uncomfortable unease behind your hidden smirk and rolling eyes. And that emotion has been translated onto screen very well in this smart short. The handheld camera work adds to the feeling that you’re encroaching in on a private argument, parodying the trapped restaurant patrons we see in the background. The conversation between spouses does well to mimic the erratic clutching-at-straws narrative of an argument, with comedy coming from several good lines plus the great on screen relationship that’s prevalent between the two central actors, which is probably the most endearing part of this film.


Lee Hamilton


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