Stress Man

De Lijn ‘Stress Man’ (2014)

Agency: Famous, Brussels

Directed by Marc & Emma

Running Time: 00:48

“Leave stress behind. Take the bus into town” comes the tagline from this Belgium bus company advert.

Reminiscent of travelling with an annoying child screaming at you every five seconds from the back seat of the car, this delicious part puppet animated TV advert certainly pokes, prods and pulls at every drivers anxieties. The ‘mini-me’ doll is the star of the show here, complaining, crying and cringing at the daily struggles of his real ego behind the wheel in this effective advertisement. With muted tones, there’s an everyday normality to the film, which doesn’t hurry itself and feels completely relatable. We can only hope the agency decide to make a counter ad, detailing the many annoyances of taking the bus and encouraging people to drive, using the same setup.

Lee Hamilton

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