Short Com 2016 – Best of Programme

Out of Competition Programme

Taste Test – Chris Aitken 1.54

Taste Test Still

Love and Let Live – Thursday Shoots 4.42. 

Love and let live still

Stud – Ben Mallaby 3.05 

Stud- Still

Invaders – Jason Kupfer 6.08 

Invaders - Still

Comedy Bully –  Yiannis Vassilakis 2.58

Comedy Bully Still

While You Were Away – Ben Mallaby 5.53

While you were away

Animation Programme 

Unknown Error – Noah Malone 4.10


I Got This – Tom Gran 1.22

I got this Still

Cold Meet – Marnik Loysen 8.00

Cold Meet - Still

Bloody Foxes – Rob Wicksteed 2.50

Bloody Foxes Still

Carol Has Never Been Kissed – Alex Goddard 2.06


Best Of Programme 

Stubbings Thought For The Day – Grain Media 0.32

Rachel Stubbings' Thought For The Day - Still

Perverted Optician – This Glorious Monster 3:18   (3.50)

Perverted Optician - Still

Sea Crow – Turtle Canyon Comedy 3.52

Sea Crow Still

Baklava – Big Red Button 0.54

Baklava - Still

Red Handed – Edward Andrews 7.30

red-handed Still

Summit – Sami Abusamarra 1.55

Summit still

Croissant. – Louis Hudson/Dice 2.07

Croissant Still

The Shallow End- Sexy Time – Will Herbert 2.58

Sexy Time - Still

Baby Sham – Sham Bodie 2.12

Baby Sham - Still

Ken Loach Star Wars – Haiste and Lawrence 4.39 (Jury Select Winner)

Ken Loach Star Wars - Still

This Is Why Gerald Should Be Supervised – Big Red Button 1.30 (Filmmaker Select and Audience Select Winner)

This Is Why Gerald Should Be Supervised Still

Dogging – Peshwari Films 7.08 (Best Script Winner)

Dogging Still

Taxi in an Apocalypse – Stephen Buchanan 1.57

Taxi In an Apocalypse Still

The Judging Panel consisted of Ben Mallaby, Katie McCullough, Liam Tate and Jon Aird.

Short Com would like to thank all those who have supported us over the years, the filmmakers, our audiences, volunteers, partners and sponsors those who have played host to us.

A Special Thanks to those who have assisted me along the way Stuart Addison, James Rose, Scott McGee, Ross McCormack, Katie McCullough, Stuart Laws, Kate Crowther, Sophia White, Ben Mallaby, Liam Tate, Black magic Design, Final Draft, The Glasgow Short Film Festival, Salford University,  CALM and my mum and dad.

Chris Aitken

Short Com 2011-2016

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