Short Com Programme London & Bristol

As always with Short Com, we promise to cater to all comedy tastes as we bring a programme of shorts engineered to tickle your funny bones. From cartoon fun with Short Com winners Tea and Cheese, a splendid piece of stop motion from emerging animation talent Marnik Loysen, the internationally acclaimed Coconut from Kiwi Charlie Bleakly, new work from Short Com winner Ben Mallaby in Mosquito that features Alice Lowe and Richard Herring amongst a fine selection of films you’ll wonder why they aren’t on TV.

Stubbings Thought For The Day – Rachel Stubbings & Grain Media

Noobs Retreat – Tea And Cheese

Perverted Dentist – This Glorious Monster

Bad Rabbit – Turtle Canyon Films

I’ve Got This – Tom Gran

Cold Meets – Marnik Loysen

Sea Crow – Turtle Canyon Comedy

Dogging – Matthew Reed & Sam Turk

Gerald – Big Red Button

Selfies – Turtle Canyon Comedy

Mosquito – Ben Mallaby

Summit – Sami Abusamara

Les and Dean – Underwood Films

Baklava – Big Red Button

Coconut – Charlie Bleakley

Remember, 15/10/2015 at the Hackney Attic, London.

Tickets here.

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