Mat Ewins: Mat Ewins Will Make You a Star

August 26, 2016

Sometimes you just have to marvel at the myriad ways you can be made to laugh. There’s funny noises, stupid faces, one-liners, calling an audience member a paedophile, the list goes on. Throughout the course […]

Norman Lovett: Entertaining Moaner

August 18, 2016

With over 30 years of performing at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, cult hero Norman Lovett is back again this year with the aptly titled Entertaining Moaner. A packed Dragonfly have come to see the veteran, even […]

Tim Renkow: King of the Tramps

August 14, 2016

GO AND SEE THIS SHOW! My editor is telling me I need to write more than that if I want to keep my job, fine. Seriously go and see this show. Ok ok I’ll do […]

Ed Aczel: Foreign Policy

August 6, 2016

Ed Aczel started performing part time about 10 years ago and has crafted this character that’s sort of a foul mouthed high school teacher, who on the surface, appears awkward and unsure but is in […]

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