The Dark Room Early Access Impressions

October 26, 2018

YOU AWAKE TO FIND YOURSELF IN EARLY ACCESS…wait, that’s not right John Robertson’s The Dark Room started life in 2012 as an interactive YouTube series, inspired by the brutally hard text adventures of the 1980’s. […]

John Robertson – Dominant

August 19, 2017

John Robertson has been performing stand up for about 15 years and is bringing his unique brand of pandemonium back to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with his show Dominant. This is another of Robertson’s shows […]

John Robertson: Dark Room

August 12, 2016

YOU AWAKE TO FIND YOURSELF IN A DARK ROOM! The voice booms out from the darkness of the small bunker in Edinburgh. This is The Dark Room and it is an live action text adventure […]

John Robertson: Arena Spectacular!

August 7, 2016

John Robertson has been doing stand up since 2002 and has received acclaim for many of his shows including a YouTube Viral hit with The Dark Room which he now tours worldwide. In his new […]

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