John Gordillo: Love Capitalism

August 23, 2016

John Gordillo started as a stand-up comedian in the 90’s before taking a break to concentrate on directing shows, yes even comedy shows have directors, then a stint on early digital TV with a show […]

John Robertson: Arena Spectacular!

August 7, 2016

John Robertson has been doing stand up since 2002 and has received acclaim for many of his shows including a YouTube Viral hit with The Dark Room which he now tours worldwide. In his new […]

Seymour Mace: Shit Title

August 7, 2016

Seymour Mace worked as a clown in the 90’s before he became a stand up this physicality comes across in his latest fringe show, Seymour Mace – Shit Title. He’s constantly moving around the space […]

Mitch Benn: Don’t Fear the Reaper

August 7, 2016

It’s clear immediately Mitch Benn’s latest show doesn’t do much small. He’s a big man with a big voice here to put on a big show. Having been going 20 years, he’s a familiar face […]

Jo Caulfield: Pretending To Care

August 7, 2016

Jo Caulfield is a veteran of not just the Fringe, but a pretty dazzling array of BBC television and radio shows as well. She’s very familiar to mainstream comedy fans, and for good reason, she’s […]

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