Meet Colin Leggo – Ed Fringe 2015


Hi I’m Colin Leggo, yep that’s an odd surname. I’m a chip off the old block you could say. You don’t meet many people called Leggo, but when you bump into them there’s a real connection. 

Last year, just to prove how appropriate my surname is, I had my leg amputated. 

Leg-go.. leg gone! They say you should write about what you know so my show is all about losing a leg and the decade leading up to that decision. 
What is the first thing people notice about you?
Weirdly enough it’s not the missing leg! That goes unnoticed unless I’m wearing shorts. As a proud Cornishman I’ve usually got the remnants of a devoured pasty down the front of my shirt, it’s just instinct really.
6 things you can’t live without during the Fringe?
1- Fry ups at the City Cafe. To be honest it’s the main reason to do the festival.
2- A visit to A&E. That seems to be a regular feature for me.
3- The ability to hold a fake phone conversation when walking up the Royal Mile to put off flyers.
4- At least one or two evenings away from the Fringe, like a trip to the seaside in Musselborough to rejuvenate the soul. 
5- Tatty Dogs! They’re so wrong but so so right.
6- Normal conversations as often as possible that aren’t fringe related. “Hey, have you seen any of BBC1’s ‘Shed of the year’ show?” “What venue is it in?” “Oh forget it!” 
Who are your Edinburgh Fringe Crushes this year? 
Susan Harrison is well fit (when she’s not in character obviously). I think she’s in a relationship though, to some one legged idiot who apparently is always covered in flaky pasty. What a loser.
Your darkest Fringe secret?
Back in 2003 I was lying on the ground, stupendously drunk outside the Guilded Balloon. Then from out of the darkness, like a Celtic vision, appeared a muscular Scotsman wearing a kilt. After standing over me for a few seconds he helped me to my feet, patted me on the head and sent me on my way. I can confirm the rumour about Scottish men and kilts though, the view I saw eclipsed everything else on that clear starry night.
Leggoland: Aug 6-16, 18-30, Laughing Horse @ The Blind Poet, 13.30
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