Meet Joey Page – Ed Fringe 2015


HELLO, I’m Joey Page. I’m 31, although it’s fashionable to lie about your age in comedy so my stage age is 40. I have all my own teeth and hair and I wear a hat. I’ve been a comedian for ten years so my show is a party to celebrate that. David Bowie is in it and there’s a 7 minute joke about B&Q. Also I quit at the end so instead of inviting industry people I’ve invited the head of recruitment at WH Smith, Morrisons and HMV.

What is the first thing people notice about you?

That they have seen me on Channel 4’s Coach Trip or on Never Mind the Buzzcocks or that I wear a hat or that I used to work the buffet shift in Pizza Hut in Bexleyheath or that I have massive boggly eyes.

6 things you can’t live without during the Fringe?

5 five star reviews and a big bottle of rum.

Who are your Edinburgh Fringe Crushes this year?

I think the following people will be awesome in no particular order.

Trevor Lock, Matt Winning, Sy Thomas, Luke Mcqueen, Kishore Nayar, Phil Jerrod, Harriet Kemsley, Tony Law, Sam Simmons, Phil Kay, Joey Page, Tom Ward.

Your darkest Fringe secret?

I like to give flyers for my friends shows out to people who look like really unsuitable audience members such as drunks, the elderly and criminals.

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