You have to be joking? Loyiso Gola

The joke that you loved but no one else did?

I wrote this about the price of apartment rentals in New York. Don’t want to give much away about the bit ( because I am still working on it) but I would over peform that joke and the audience was looking confused

The joke that worked but you are not so proud that it had?

I always try not to pander to the audience. I don’t do jokes that I think they are going to like. I tell jokes that I find funny which means I am always proud of my jokes no matter how shitty they are.

The comedians that made you want to be a comedian?

I was blown away by Ross Noble the first time I saw him. He made me not want to do comedy, that’s how good he was.

The last thing that made you cry with laughter?

Louie CK’s 2017 special on Netflix made me piss myself

Loyiso Gola , UNLEARNING,

Gilded Balloon Teviot

2-28 August

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