Zoe Lyons Q&A – Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Edinburgh, the Fringe, why bother?

I could lie and say it is because I enjoy being a tiny cog in a massive creative machine. The honest truth is I need a dead line to work towards with anything I do and the start of August is a massive dead line for us Comic’s. Knowing I am doing the festival makes me write a new show.

What have been the nuggets of inspiration behind your show this year?

My wife, my travels and strangers on buses.

Stand-out Fringe moment to date?

I think the first year you do a solo show it is really special, so I am going to say the first ever solo show I did, back in 2007. It’s a real fizzing mix of excitement and terror.

When you wished a hole had opened up in the ground and swallowed you up?

A few years back I was doing a stand up gig for kids at the Fringe. I was overly tired, bit frayed and very hung over. I died on my backside for 20 minutes, all I kept thing was you look like a tragic drunk clown both the kids and the parents just looked disappointed.

Your unsung heroes in the industry at current?

All those folks who run wonderful independent little gigs around the country. Those people who make a real effort and genuinely care about the acts and their audience. These are the brilliant little gigs that make the circuit fun and we should treasure them.

Three shows you must see this Fringe? 

Russ Peers, a lovely funny man, Derevo, badass Russian physical theatre and Suzi Ruffell is just getting better and better.

The one person you’d love to see your show and why?

A representative from my local council so they can “enjoy” my routine about our bins.

The reason why one should come and see your show? 

I have a glorious collection of photographs of stuff left by bins to share. I think that will be fairly unique at the Fringe this year.

The one thing in Edinburgh you must do?

Visit the art galleries, they are really lovely. I often pop in for a bit of quiet contemplation during the festival.

Ah sorry, you’re dead. But least you can have that dinner party you’ve always wanted. Who are you inviting?

Joan Rivers, Boudica, Elizabeth Taylor, George Orwell and David Bowie.

Zoe Lyons: Little Misfit at the Gilded Balloon Dining Room



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