Checking In On The Scarface Remake

Rumors of a Scarface remake have been circulating for a few years now, and it sort of seems like an inevitable move for modern Hollywood. While there are still good, fresh ideas coming out (recently, La La Land, Moonlight, Get Out, The Shape Of Water – even Isle of Dogs, it’s no secret that the movie business thrives on the backs of remakes, reboots, and sequels. And Scarface seems more or less perfect for this movie-making culture.

This is because as much as it’s rooted in a certain figure and a certain time, Scarface has stood up remarkably well over the years. In part this is likely because it’s become recognized as one of the essential Al Pacino movies which, as any film fanatic knows, is saying something. However, it’s also because a terrific action or crime film is almost naturally suited to transcend its own era. Sure aspects of the film might appear dated, but the stakes, the drama, the performances, and the violence remain the same.

It’s for this reason that Scarface still seems to linger in the popular culture. This is mostly evident through gaming, where Scarface has inspired multiple titles. An online slot arcade noted as one of the best games in this genre based on movies promises to  “take you back to downtown Miami” in a sort of tribute to the original movie. And in 2006 an open world action game called Scarface: The World Is Yours was put out for the top consoles of the day. Both games were generally well-received, even decades after the film’s release – which speaks to its enduring popularity.

For all of these reasons, the cinematic climate seems just right for this potential remake. The original is still popular, people have been receptive to new Scarface content and, above all else, it’s a surefire box office draw. But is it actually going to happen?

It’s actually beginning to sound like it will. Though this rumor has been batted around in somewhat discouraging fashion, we now know of a few people who are attached, seemingly firmly. Antoine Fuqua is on board to direct, after briefly abandoning the project, and Diego Luna (of Star Wars and Game Of Thrones fame) is slated for the lead role. Recently the remake added new writer, filling what appears to have been the most difficult role to fill to this point. No one’s promising an exact release date just yet, but the project appears to be moving in the right direction after a few early speed bumps.

It’s certainly something to keep an eye out for. Fuqua and Luna have their work cut out for them trying to make a film that will live up to the quality and legend of the original. But it seems like a movie the public will be eager to give a chance to.

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