Michael Bay Reveals Paramount has Material for Fourteen More Transformers Films

Love it or hate it. The franchise is a juggernaut not stopping yet.

For the fans of Transformers, a trip to the cinema to catch their favourite robots in action might go on for at least 14 more times, not counting the upcoming fifth instalment in the franchise. Although Michael Bay has stated that the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight is to be his last, he revealed that Paramount still has plans for 14 more Transformers movies.

Den of Geeks relayed that Bay met with MTV and stated that, “There are 14 stories written and there’s good stuff.” Next in line is a spin-off featuring Autobot, Bumblebee, to be directed by Travis Knight. All of this was the product of collaborative work among the franchise writers, which ComicBook.com specified as penned while The Last Knight was about to conclude its production. With the amount of material available, it appears that a whole Transformers cinematic universe akin to Marvel and DC superhero franchises is in the works.

Even before the creation of the additional plotlines, however, the iconic Hasbro toys already had a number of other associated stories, most notably in comics and several TV series. Generation 1 and 2, Beast Wars, and the Unicron Trilogy are just some of the well-loved Transformers shows.

Although it remains to be seen if all 14 scripts will reach the big screen, fabricating continuity for the Transformers films is a logical step for Paramount given that the franchise is among their most commercially successful properties. The Numbers did a tally of the figures which showed that the last four films have grossed more than £3 billion and considering the anticipation for The Last Knight, projections for its box office figures have been positive as well.

Furthermore, the popularity of the live adaptations have renewed interest in other mediums that feature the Cybertron natives. Transformers action figures, especially rare variations, fetch large amounts of money online and at auction. A whole Transformers collection was even bought for a million dollars back in 2007, a few weeks after the release of the first Bay movie in the franchise.

Additionally, video game iterations of Transformers have now gained their own following. Transformers: Devastation, for one, was voted by fans and critics including review aggregator Metacritic as among the best PS4 games of 2015. The popular slots hosting platform Slingo also allows fans to join their robotic heroes in battle through Transformers: Battle for Cybertron, which sees players join forces with the Autobots in a mission to reclaim their home planet. In other words, the success of the movie franchise has intensified over the years, and more releases will be welcomed by moviegoers the world over.

Michael Bay’s final Transformers film, The Last Knight, arrives in theatres this June. It picks up the story of Cade Yeager, played by Mark Wahlberg. Other cast members include Josh Duhamel, Stanley Tucci, Isabela Moner, Laura Haddock, John Turturro and Anthony Hopkins.

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