Lunch vs. Chuck Norris (2017)

Created for UnitedHealthcare

Produced by Leo Burnett

Directed by Craig Gillespie

Starring Chuck Norris

Running Time: 01:00

When two friends spot Chuck Norris at their local diner they swap stories about Chuck’s folklore, and wonder aloud “If he’s still got it.”

Review: Okay, it’s another commercial review, but the legend that is Chuck Norris is in this one, so it’s worth it. This ad uses the well-known Internet generated satirical factoids about Sir Chuck, such as “Chuck Norris’s reflection can’t even look him in the eye” and “Chuck Norris wears a hat to protect the sun” to re-iterate Chuck’s mythical immortality. With no lines of dialogue, this is arguably one of Chuck’s greatest performances. Now this is the extended version, so my complaint about it being ever so slightly long isn’t really valid here. I do however think clearer speaking actors could have been used and for them to have talked a little slower as on a first listen, there’s the risk that you’ll not take in every fantastical fact that’s mentioned (don’t bother reading the transcript on YouTube, which looked to have an equally difficult time deciphering what was being said). The advert’s got some message about salt at the end before we’re treated to a stinger with an additional joke to round it off. This short is ‘Officially Chuck Norris Approved’.

As reviewed by Lee Hamilton

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