Millington: Being

Millington: Being (2016)
Directed by Josh Thomas & Darcy Prendergast
Starring Charly Thorn
Running time: 03:41

Music vid for the debut single from acoustic pop band Millington, detailing the odd romance between woman and ‘thing’.

Get your weekly gross out fix with this entertainingly warped little short that puts relationship fiction on a whole other level. Essentially, it’s your usual romance story; lust at first sight, getting to know one another, cute moments with the odd argument. There’s a descent into hedonistic drug taking before things get all the more fucked up. Oh, by the way, the whole thing’s already fucked up; this is the love between a sweet young woman and some horrific giant insectoid! The only thing that lets this piece down is the not so good CGI used at the end. The obviously computer generated effects sort of cheapen the look, even though it would have understandably have been pretty darn hard to pull off the scene using old school sfx. On the whole, I applaud not only the concept, but the fact that people went ahead and made this bizarre and monstrous film.

As reviewed by Lee Hamilton

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