Noisy Furniture

Noisy Furniture (2016)
Written & Directed by Daniel Koren
Starring Daniel Koren
Running Time: 02:02

“A fake trailer for a (much needed) fake horror film.”

Cutting movie trailers is an art form all of its own so it was only natural that shorts would adapt the format too. This fake trailer has all the slick camera pans, slo-mo shots, and evocative music that you’d expect from a cinematic release with high production values. But that’s not all, the dramatic lighting, up close and personal camera work and voluptuous sound effects work expertly well to present what first appears to be a serious horror. The comedy is slid in from mid point onwards as the laughable concept becomes clearer. The star of the piece is writer/director Koren, whose deadpan, naturalistic performance makes you wish this was a real trailer for a real movie. Overall, a great combination of clean camera and editing skills that creates a strong genre piece with a well crafted core concept and brilliant acting.

As reviewed by Lee Hamilton

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