Super Mario: Underworld

Super Mario: Underworld (2016)

Created by Nukazooka

Directed by Andrew McMurry

Starring Seth McMurry

Running time: 03:51

Mario enters the upside down.

This fun short comes from the filmmakers at Nukazooka, an entertaining YouTube channel with an emphasis on all things gaming, geek and special effects. This effort is a humorous imagining of the nightmarish underworld that awaits Super Mario when your incompetent gaming skills leads to his inevitable fall from his skyward platform. Some very competent CGI effects have been used to bring Nintendo’s 2D graphics into 3D life that blend well with the live action shots and colour corrected palette. The plot has been kept effectively short, needed no dialogue and has a good bookend at beginning and end. Even so, you can’t help be left wanting more as there’s so much potential in the concept. Someone give these guys a bigger budget!

As reviewed by Lee Hamilton


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