Gambling Inspired Comedy Movies You Need to See

Gambling and comedy are two things that largely seem incompatible. This is because gambling is often associated with strong, scary and dangerous men on one hand and witty, cunning and manipulative men on the other hand. Comedy, well, its all about laughing. While these two seem incompatible, some creative movie producers have managed to fuse the two into creating unique gambling inspired comedy movies. Below, we will share with you the best of such kind of movies. To see how gambling and comedy can be fused to create absolutely exhilarating movies, you can sneak a peek here for highlights of some of the movies listed below.

What Happens in Vegas

Vegas is known to be a place for the unexpected and this is exactly what happens in the movie ‘What Happens in Vegas’. Jack (Ashton Kutcher) finds himself depressed with what’s going on in his life. To refresh, he decides to go on a trip to Vegas. Joy (Cameron Diaz) also finds herself in the same predicament as Jack as she is depressed by her own life. To remedy that, she decides to take a trip to Vegas. Unfortunately, or fortunately as is the case, later on, the Hotel which the two booked makes a mess of their bookings and they are both booked into the same room. The two, however, find a way to make the situation work by deciding to party all night. Intoxicated, they decide to marry that very same night. Hours before dawn, the two decide to divorce but as they are on their way to get some sleep, they pass through a casino where Joy gives Jack a quarter to try his luck. Jack wins a massive $3 million and Joy is bent on receiving her own fair share.

Honeymoon in Vegas

Two newlyweds decide to go to Vegas for their honeymoon. When they arrive in Vegas, the wife Betsy (Sarah Jessica Parker) attracts the attention of a pro gambler. The gambler decides to steal Betsy from his husband Jack Singer (Nicolas Cage) for a weekend. To do this, the gambler invites Jack to a poker tournament where he ‘forces’ him to play a fixed game of poker. Believing that he will win, Jack accepts the offer. However, he loses and finds himself in debt. The pro gambler comes to his rescue but in return, asks to have Betsy as his ‘girlfriend’ for the weekend.

The Hangover

The Hangover is one hilarious movie that involves a group of friends who travel to Vegas for a bachelor’s party. However, while in Vegas, a string of misfortunes befalls them. The groom-to-be disappears and they must locate him before sunrise. While in the process of searching for their lost friend, the remaining friends face other misfortunes which include a missing baby that ends in their hands and a tiger that finds itself in their room. Ultimately, the friends do manage to find the lost groom-to-be but only after leaving all of us full of tears from laughter.

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