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January 27, 2017

I saw ‘Britney’ last night. This two hander, narrative sketch comedy tells the true story of performer/writer Charly Clive’s diagnoses with a brain tumour and subsequent journey to recovery with the help of her real […]

Best From London Sketchfest

November 13, 2016

Growing in stature and flying the flag for the art of sketch, London Sketchfest is becoming a real centre for bestowing a badge of honor for emerging talent in sketch, with previous winners Daphne and […]

Ari Shaffir: Ari S-P-E-C-T

September 1, 2016

Two things are striking about Ari S-P-E-C-T. The first is that it’s a great name and fun to say, the second is that it’s very American. Shaffir, in fact, makes it something of a mission […]

Loyiso Gola: Dude Where’s My Lion

September 1, 2016

For a man who claims to hate crowd-work, he certainly knows how to handle one. Probably the most interrupted show I’ve seen at this Fringe, from the first gag to the last, people chipped in […]


September 1, 2016

The MMORPG Show is a tabletop gaming experience with every roll, decision and character brought to you by a late night, often drunken, audience and we’re guided through this adventure by Paul Flannery, one of […]

Richard Gadd: Monkey See Monkey Do

August 28, 2016

On stage lies the treadmill that has become a particular talking point. As the projector screen lights up and a sleeping Gadd is awoken by someone in a gorilla costume and chased into the open, […]


August 28, 2016

Junnk are a 4 man performance group who crete music from every day items, or junk, and accompany that with a capella singing and clowning to create an hour of entertainment good for all the […]

Pierre Novellie Is Cool Peter

August 28, 2016

What’s immediately striking about Pierre Novellie is his elocution and delivery. He has an easy, affable air about him that endears throughout every segment of the show. He’s also a keen observational comic, and as […]

Lazy Susan: Crazy Sexy Fool

August 27, 2016

This is one of those times where I’d love to describe the opening sketch, but it would spoil the fun to tell. It’s absurd, surreal, and dark, setting the tone for a well-crafted hour defined […]

24 Hours with Mary Lynn Rajskub

August 27, 2016

Most recognisable form her role as Chloe O’Brian in the series 24, (hence show title), Mary Lynn Rajskub was a noteable comedian beforehand and makes her return to her love of comedy. Her show begins […]

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