Culture Elité

No one ever looks to get off to a bad start, unless you are Norwegian double act Lars Berrum and Martin Beyer-Olsen who are Culture Elité. The opening gambit is an excellent piece of mis-direction, which nearly had me fooled.

The pair are performing for the first time in Edinburgh with the mission of lecturing the audience and themselves on making people culturally woke. It’s a decent enough idea to frame around some skits and songs lampooning the ideology as to what qualifies as art. There’s some mocking of American stand-up tropes or how seriousness crept into the comedy art form but mostly poke fun of their homeland with its approach to closing itself off to refugees and races and naturally of course, how rich they are as a nation.

There’s some proper laugh out loud moments and excellent call backs. And you have to admire how committed they are to playing with the audience with the potential of losing them. Although an alternative double act, they would benefit from being more slick. There is the odd slip up with speaking in a second language, which is forgivable, but they are very guilty of overwriting their dialogue and could do with some heavy editing if planning to return to Fringe to improve as it can be rather meandering without any jokes when they really need it. But I do admire them for doing a show in their second language. An absolute must see for fans of Norsemen.


Chris Aitken

Culture Elité 22:05 Stand 2

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