Jo Caulfield: Vodoo Doll

Jo Caulfield’s new comedy piece, Voodoo Doll, is in a sense an ode to the earned sense of judgement that maturity brings: reading off her list of things that annoy her, the show follows through the bullet points to lead from one rant to the next observation.

This cynical outlook is where much of Caulfield’s humour derives. Gritty wit and humorous subversion guide along trains of thought about the youth and her recent move to Edinburgh.

Due to this, there is both a generational and perhaps geographical demographic that is best to see Voodoo Doll. Much of the style and topic of joke is more classical and was evidently targeted toward a more middle aged demographic disenfranchised with “Fortnite, or whatever”. Furthermore, there’s much to enjoy in the locality of Caulfield’s Edinburgh-based tirades, though visitors may not get as much from it.

Caulfield herself is a likeable and warm character. Her way of story telling is compelling and her delivery of punch lines is well timed in her one hour performance. Specifically, her tales of married life create an interesting dichotomy of worldviews that she wields to riff off.

This culminated in an audience that responded rapturously to her performance. Fast wit provided a canny audience interaction and well performed improvised moments.

Jo Caulfield’s Voodoo Doll is a stand up that excels with the demographic it focuses upon. Scots that gaze confused at the youth of today are likely to get much from this show, as Caulfield herself is consistent in her delivery, humour, and pacing. As was evidenced by the night, the packed audience had a blast of a time in this well crafted comedy stand up.

★★★ 1/2

Corrie Young

Jo Caulfield: Vodoo Doll Stand 19:40 Stand 3

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