Bec Hill: Caught on Tape

Bec Hill announces she doesn’t know how to begin a show after using a flip chart demonstration that is straight from a rudely distorted episode of Art Attack. If genuinely she does feel a lack of confidence opening a show, she need worry little as this is one of the most unique, colourful, charming and funny openings I’ve seen for a long while.

The London based Australian takes the vibe down a more emotional route with the theme of regret, with Hill’s biggest regret being when she taped over the only video her parents ever had of her brother as a child. For a moment, there is a bit of a hundred and eighty degree turn from the giddy feeling amongst us as the audience have their hearts’ potentially ready to weep but she gets the vibe back on track with anecdotes from others who submitted their biggest regrets.

Hill has a wonderful infectious giddy charm and the audience reciprocate well when asked questions or to participate on stage, very akin to Josie Long. A lot of Caught On Tape best moments do come when Hill is using her flip chart, there’s a lot to admire about her creative silliness and invention but could probably do more to try to fuse it into the moments when orating to the audience. Not before the end she once again coerces the audience into doing something that is almost emotional blackmail, but it’s so well meaning and cheeky she more than gets away with it. If you like your comedy, fun, feel good, colourful and silly, then you should really give Bec Hill your time and consideration.


Chris Aitken

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