Chris Betts vs The Audience


Up front, it’s worth mentioning that Chris Betts vs The Audience involves a fair amount of audience participation. It’s a game show where Betts competes with the fortunate punters who have chosen to see him. Betts will argue for or against any topic that is presented to him, and the audience has to dispute his findings. Whoever has the best or funniest reasoning according to the guest judge wins the round.   

When Betts said he would argue for or against any opinion, he meant it. He will fervently defend the basest aspects of humanity or heedlessly rail against the virtuous. Anything to win a point. The subjects are often chosen by the audience, so it’s likely that every day will be different, and it’s just as possible that the show could go horribly awry at any given moment.

This is absolutely a good thing. Betts is an affable enough guy that he could win round any audience, even when he’s saying incredibly offensive things. It’s (hopefully) obvious when he believes what he’s saying and when he doesn’t; the game is all that matters. With a different guest comedian acting as judge every day to bounce off of, Betts is more than capable of wringing humour from the occasional awkward moment. Chris Betts vs The Audience is a proper Fringe experience; funny, unpredictable, and on the top deck of a bus.


Stuart Addison

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