Edinburgh Fringe Review – Katie Mulgrew: Happily Ever After

Despite being a loud and awkward 30(ish) year old from Lancashire, Katie Mulgrew wants to be a Disney Princess. She recently got her wish, kind of, marrying her own Prince Charming and having a honeymoon in Disney World. She also has a 2(ish) year old niece, who wants to be a Disney princess too. While Mulgrew’s show is an absorbing tale of finding love and dealing with the consequences, there are also some great points made about how young girl’s minds are warped by Disney’s simplistic moral landscape, and how the whole idea of ‘happily ever after’ is a tad unrealistic.

The unfortunate thing is, these jokes, while great, are used sparingly, and the priority is given to safer material about relationships. Her funniest gags tended to be offhand remarks and odd references, including an enjoyably rude joke about ducks, which seemed to fly over most people’s heads. She certainly has the ability to appeal to both a mainstream and alternative audience, which is laudable in itself, although in this show the balance seemed to be a bit off.

While the audience took a while to warm to Mulgrew’s charms, she managed to win them over by the end, no mean feat for the traditionally difficult Saturday Fringe crowd. She is always a capable performer and rarely fails to make an impact, but it feels like this particular premise doesn’t quite live up to her potential. Regardless, this is still a warm and funny show, recommended for Disney nerds anywhere.




Stuart Addison

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