Junnk are a 4 man performance group who crete music from every day items, or junk, and accompany that with a capella singing and clowning to create an hour of entertainment good for all the family.

The show begins without introduction and without any sort of ceremony and we are thrust into the middle of an a capella rendition of the lion king theme. We’re then treated to an hour of mostly cover music from 4 very talented young performers who use everything on stage from drums made from plastic drainpipes to beer bottle pan pipes to give us their versions of songs from Popcorn by Hot Butter to We Will Rock You by Queen and a fair few others along the way.

The show was over all enjoyable and they are very talented at what they do, I felt however that some of the show felt a bit muddled sometimes they felt half way between one idea and another the majority was conducted without saying a word and then suddenly a few sections have them shouting at the audience, albeit in good humour. It just felt out of place with the rest of the show, similarly with their over the top facial expressions, if they’d been painted blue or something then the exaggerated facial expressions would have made sense but they again felt out of place within the larger context of the show. Although much of this could be put down to their attempts to appeal to a younger audience who very much seemed to enjoy the show that I was attending. 4 very talented performers creating music and dance with apparently inexhaustible energy and if you get the chance you should check them our and take the kids.

★★★ and a half

Euan Tennant

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