The MMORPG Show is a tabletop gaming experience with every roll, decision and character brought to you by a late night, often drunken, audience and we’re guided through this adventure by Paul Flannery, one of the creators of Knightmare Live. The show begins with an unapologetically over the top introduction for Flannery who appears in stage in much the same costume as Treguard from his Knightmare Live performances. He then proceeds to explain the basic rules of tabletop gaming, that 3 people will be chosen for the quest and every decision they make, the outcome with be decided by the roll of a 20 sided dice a d20.

To begin with he asks for the first volunteer, a myriad of hand immediately leap into the air, one man is chosen seemingly at random and asked to prove himself a thief before joining the quest, the second is a mage who will be asked to prove her magical credentials third and final member of the quest is a warrior 2 members of the audience must battle it out in ancient traditional game of, Hungry Hungry Hippos. With our 3 members chosen the quest begins and we are whisked off in a wonderfully bizarre adventure as Flannery asks the audience for suggestions as to how to populate the world in which they are adventuring and we are treated to creatures who are part anvil part robot shark girl, a walking, talking narwhal shaped cheese toastie, a giant porcupine called Steve and some sentient balloons.

Flannery knows his audience and it shows as he plays to them and doesn’t apologise for it and thats a great thing it wasn’t a case of ending up with a whole bunch of people in the audience who had no interest in being there and were just there to get drunk and take the piss, this gives the audience the chance to relax and the night I saw the show the room was packed and everyone was eager to be involved. The show is excellent fun but is massively niche, if you have zero understanding of tabletop gaming and geek culture in general, then you might enjoy this show but you will be missing out on huge amounts of references and jokes, if you are a fan of tabletop gaming, role playing games and of all things nerdy then this is the show for you.

★★★ and a half

Euan Tennant

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