Pete Firman: Trix

Pete Firman is a British presenter, comedian and magician who’s had success both on TV with shows like Monkey Magic and on stage with his own live shows, which he brings back to Edinburgh in 2016 for his 10th Fringe with Pete Firman: Trix. As you enter the venue there is a slide show of Firman’s previous Edinburgh Fringe posters as I get the impression that Firman is quite proud of this milestone, which is fair enough, for performers the festival can be an exhausting and often disheartening month of absolute madness and for any performer to come back and endure it every year for 10 years is something to be proud of.

The show is an hour of jokes, tricks and audience interaction and if you’ve seen any of Firman’s previous work it’s what you will have come to expect from him. Lots of classic tricks mixed with his comic timing and likeability makes for an enjoyable show however Firman’s show feels almost old fashioned, it harkens back to TV magicians like Tommy Cooper and entertainers like Morcambe and Wise, perhaps with a bit more blue language. Much like Cooper, Firman takes on the role of clown and joker often disguising the tricks he is performing with failed tricks, often seeming to be unable to complete one trick before completing that same trick or by swapping it out with a more impressive one.

These apparent influences are not a bad thing and he is funny and an excellent performer and more importantly an accomplished magician, it did however make me feel like his show was nothing new, that it was all stuff i’ve seen done elsewhere and it felt almost nostalgic. I didn’t spend the hour trying to work out how it was done and all the executed tricks were done well and his excellent stage presence keeps your attention on him and away from the trickery leaving you to enjoy the spectacle.

If you are looking for an hour of enjoyable light entertainment in the vein of Morcambe and Wise or Timmy Cooper then you can’t go far wrong with Firman he’s here until the 28th

★★★ and a half

Euan Tennant

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