The Pin: Ten Seconds With The Pin

I’ve been a little late to the phenomenon that are the Pin and like a lot of acts I’ve seen this Fringe, I’ve gone in blind. True to the hype that I have heard about the duo, Ben Ashenden and Alex Owen, they are not like many other acts I have come across before. In matching uniform of brown pin stripe shirt and grey trousers, Alex has a more enthusiastic almost Tim Nice But Dim enthusiasm to the more reserved calm and assured Ben and the dynamic works well as the pair mean to construct their show, deconstruct and reconstruct throughout.

Ten Seconds With The Pin is orchestrated as a school of sketch comedy, with the pair performing a sketch, re-evaluating it, re-writing it and performing it again. Throughout the methodology is full of clever wit and Alex and Ben are an exceptionally tight unit. There’s a lot to admire about the Pin with an unquestionable genius to them, the finale of the show is of a level of thinking Charlie Kauffman would take his hat off to. Despite the appreciation of the audience and there is consistent laughter throughout mind, one can be very easily blinded by their genius, but it misses out on delivering outright hilarity, which surely is what anyone wants from comedy.

*** (and a half)

Chris Aitken


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