Tiff Stevenson – Mad Man

Fact: Tiff Stevenson has the best trainers of any comedian at the Fringe this year. They’re certainly the flashiest pair of Adidas this audience has seen for a while, judging by the whoop that greets them when they are highlighted. Stevenson is very proud of these trainers, even if she questions why she bought them. The great theme throughout her show this year is how advertising distorts reality, and how our identity is being sold to us though immoral and hypocritical means. Stevenson is adept at analyzing social politics, while finding what’s funny and nonsensical about it all.

Stevenson delivers a polished hour of stand-up; the laughs only really die down when she has a serious point to make. She rails against racism, sexism and homophobia with real venom, which often picks up a round of applause, but only from certain sections of the audience. As always with left-wing comics, it really helps if you’re not a tory scumbag a lefty. Still, there’s plenty more to enjoy here aside from the politics. The gags are sharp, and Stevenson is as lively and likable as ever. The material might get dark at times, but vagina jokes are always around the corner.

*** (and a half)

Stuart Addison

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