Tim Renkow: King of the Tramps


My editor is telling me I need to write more than that if I want to keep my job, fine.

Seriously go and see this show.

Ok ok I’ll do more but seriously this is one of the funniest hours of stand up I have seen in a long time. Tim Renkow debuted his solo show at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe with Tim Renkow: At Least Hell Has Ramps he returned in 2015 with Kim Jong-Un, Mohammed, Jesus and Other Power Hungry Maniacs and he’s back again in 2016 with Time Renkow: King of the Tramps. Right lets address the elephant in the room Tim has severe cerebral palsy, it is very apparent but once you have tuned into his rhythms and speech patterns it very quickly becomes irrelevant. His show begins with him asking us to pretend not to see him introduce himself then he walks on stage and his hour begins. He tells us about his time spent on the streets and has jokes about everything from sleeping with able bodied women to Brexit from racism to giving Jesus money for crack.

His show is not for the easily offended and it will turn every little stereotype and perceptions you may have had before entering on their head. You will laugh from beginning to end and will not regret your decision to see this show. His show is pay what you want but I urge you to get a ticket before hand as he was sold out on the night I saw him and you don’t want to miss out. He’s on at 19:50 at The Hive every day except the 17th and 24th


Euan Tennant

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