Doc Brown – My Proper Tea

Doc Brown – My Proper Tea (2016)
Lyrics by Doc Brown
Directed and Animated by Fraser Davidson
Running Time: 02:02

Music animation of rapper/comic Doc Brown’s anger at the incorrect making of a cup of tea.

Review: This is a neat vector animation concocting of a palatable mute colour scheme, an arrangement of basic shapes with limited on screen movement but all of which adds up to be a stylish, expressive delight that feels like the perfect format to compliment the audio. Doc Brown does an urban Victoria Wood here to have a musical hissy fit about precision tea-making. The lyrics will certainly make you smile if you’re a teabag before milk sympathizer, otherwise, you may feel hard done by. Doc Brown’s passionate delivery aids the humor with great effect and although it’s not a particularly catchy tune, the music arrangement also works well to enhance the dramatic energy.

Reviewed by Lee Hamilton


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